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Starting your Customer Experience Program

Less than 4% of unhappy customers will inform the organization they have received bad service if they do not receive a customer satisfaction survey. However, they will tell 15 people about their bad experience, while happy customers only tell 6 people. (Source: The Service Advantage by Karl Albrecht)

No one leads with the bullet-proof strategy when it comes to Customer Satisfaction and Experience…. In part, because we may use right phrasing or terminology or simply because the customer is using past experience as a benchmark and if that threshold is low, the results may be more positive then in actuality.

When setting-up the initial customer feedback program, determine which areas to assess and what to ask by focusing on these aspects:

  1. Transactional effort and satisfaction: Completion of sales, projects and service tickets, web forms for self-service, contact centres, brick and mortar cash check-outs are often the low hanging-fruit.

  • Start small with either an Effort Survey or a Net Promoter Score Survey.

  • Focus on areas that have higher volumes, as like any research or feedback mechanism, the larger the pool of participants, the more statistically relevant the outcomes.

  • Select areas where secondary data is available that can inform interpretation of results. For example: service ticketing platforms, sales data, first call resolution, web traffic patterns.

  • Zoom in on areas where your frontline thinks they have a solid understanding of the customer experience and will want to contribute in changing the experience.

Remember, you are already improving your customer satisfaction, as you are being proactive and demonstrating to customers that you want to improve their experience, you trust and value their opinion.

2. Report on improvements: The fast follow, which most organizations miss, is to socialize your gained customer insights into genuine actions that the business is taking to address overall experience or specific product and service offerings issues.

Contact us to set-up a discovery session and see a demo of our CX platform offerings.

The next question is: can you handle the truth when shifting from transactional feedback to relationship health? This will be the theme of our next blog.

Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash

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