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Drivers of Customer Health

When analyzing Customer Effort Scores and Net Promoter Score outcomes during a recent case study, our software partner, Service 800, created an aggregated view of overall drivers of Customer Health.

Three findings:

Finding 1: Operational Support: How we onboard through Adoption, how we manage warranty and defect matter:

What I find interesting with the data portrait, is that Operational Support of a Service or Product is the number one driver of Customer Health Outcomes. But I think we need to dig a bit deeper:

1) Why does the Product or Service need support in the first place?

2) Is it pertaining to the product performance or lack there off? For instance, if Product Quality was a positive experience, then one could argue perhaps the Operational Support was in support of consumption of a value added service or feature?

3) Or a positive Onboarding Experience could have let the Customer assume that the Product is performing or is of a higher quality than it actually is.

Finding 2: Building a quality product or service can only lead to a positive customer outcome.

1) Customers still value product quality.

2) They associate quality with performance.

3) If the product or service is well-designed, onboarding and support can lean-in and demonstrate how a customer can gain a higher return on their investment and benefit from the solution.

4) The role of the Operational Support and Customer Service teams becomes elevated toward Customer Success.

Finding 3: When having a neutral or negative experience, customers zoom in on the value and financial and time commitment they invest.

1) A lack of quality and performance leads Customers to question costs and forces them to invest more time to adopt the solution or work with Customer Service to fix the technical issues.

2) Customers get more frustrated when the "Good deal" value is not realized due to downtime or sliding launch dates.

Do you have any personal stories that correlate to these findings? Join the Conversation.

Thanks to our partner Service 800 for sharing their whitepaper findings.

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash.

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