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Relationship Health

Is everyone on the same page?

Most of us in private sector have at some point experienced the dreaded call from the C-Suite...I’m hearing Customer X is unhappy with us, why?

And depending on the department and role that you are in, you may not share this view or have any data to inform why.

From a tech stack perspective, every team has traditionally it’s own primary system: In Sales a CRM, Support one or many ticketing systems, Marketing their CRM and Campaigns tools, Services, their PSA or Managed Platform, etc.

Each team may be speaking with different stakeholders with their Organization and for many, they gage the heath of the relationship based on if they are engaging in a meaningful way, such as a purchase, a project, an event.

By leveraging a Customer Experience and Success platform, you can aggregate data and feedback from Hot Sheets for a 360 view of the Customer.

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Blog photo courtesy of Hush Naidoo on Unsplash.

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