World's Best Advice for Thriving in the Pandemic

These are scary times that we’re living in, as people get sick with an uncertain path forward, businesses suffer, and jobs get eliminated, perhaps forever. It can make one feel isolated and helpless.

The best advice so far for making it through the pandemic is to concentrate on being helpful to others. We wanted to see if there was a way to create value by generating certainty, capturing opportunities, and reinforcing strengths.

In that spirit we prepared COVID-19 RECOVERY: CONSIDERATIONS TO THRIVE based on the idea of open-source innovation.

Here’s the idea. In these unprecedented times, no one really knows what will work, as there is just too much to consider at once, and things are changing so quickly.

But together, collectively, we know a great deal.

What we want to do is aggregate those insights and make them freely available to everyone in the hopes that it will help organizations and people not just survive through COVID, but that that it will help them thrive.

To thrive post pandemic, organizations will have to innovate with speed. Great innovators have always known that the key to unlocking a better answer is to ask a better question. Good questions challenge deeply held assumptions.

Yet asking good questions doesn’t come naturally to us. As a result, we feel stuck in our search for fresh ideas.

That is where we can help. We do not know your business as well as you do, but we can help you cut through the noise you’re encountering and focus on the right questions. We’ve put together more than 125 questions, across 10 categories, that we can begin to draw from to uncover the right approach for you. Please take a look, and we hope you find them useful.

Our hope is that this begins a new wave of agile innovation, with your participation. Just like with the open-source code, we’ve giving you the ability to edit COVID-19 RECOVERY by clicking here. Tell us what you think could be improved or is missing and we’ll continue to sharpen the questions to help you and other organizations even more with version 2.0+.

In the end, we at CrowdBridge believe that all of us together are much smarter than any of us individually. It is what inspired us to create COVID-19 RECOVERY.

We also believe that the best answers to those questions will come from tapping into the genius of your team. Instinctively they know your opportunities and your risks. Tapping into that energy and intellectual diversity in an inclusive way will help you make great decisions, bring your team with you and get better results faster.

If you believe that too, and would like to know how to capture that energy, we’d love to talk.

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