• John Stroud

How to thrive? Follow the Energy of Your Team

What's next?

That is the question everyone is asking.

For good reasons, many leaders are nervous about their organization, and are wondering if they will be able to thrive through, and after, COVID.

The central challenge they are facing is how to increase their organization’s capacity and speed to respond to today’s issues, while uncovering the truth about the future, and shoring up defences to meet it.

How do you do that? And how can we help?

First, no one knows your business better than you do, but we can ask the right questions. Great innovators have always known that the key to unlocking a better answer is to ask a better question.

Good questions challenge deeply held assumptions. Framing these issues will help you have a laser focus on the key choices and trade-offs to be made. It is not possible to do everything, and spreading resources around like peanut butter will not lead to long-term viability.

Second, we know who you should be asking for help - your employeees. In the initial days of the pandemic, it made sense to adopt a command and control approach style. But now Leaders need to flip that, and incorporate more of a bottoms-up approach. So much change is taking place that it is impossible for Leaders to stay current.

Fundamentally, our advice is based on the idea that your people instinctively know where the risks, and the opportunities, are. They know what your company is good at, and where value can be generated. That is why we say to follow the energy of your team.

What's more is that groups of people are usually better at making forecasts than individuals. Even most experts are not much better than dart-throwing chimps at forecasting. Why? Because they get tripped up by their own biases, and their confidence. They make the facts fit a version of the future that is already in their head.

But with groups, the biases that people have tend to cancel one another out. What remains is the reliable information they have. This is why crowd forecasting works.

How can you learn what your people think about the future?

What should you be asking them, and what tools should you use? Please join us for an online Lunch & Learn on May 29. Register here.

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